Studio freshmania shows the artistic explorations of Sebastian Frisch. In his performances, music, installations and workshops, the storyteller invites his audience to experience his research into spatial listening, (bio) acoustic processes, and multi-sensorial environments.

Border Sessions Award 2017

I’m nominated for the Border Sessions Award 2017. I’ll be presenting my work at the Festival from 28th-30th June 2017. “In ‘Our world of noises’, Sebastian Frisch will let you experience his artistic explorations in (bio)acoustic processes. In his installations the audience can listen to a dialogue of young corn plants or the sonic universe…

Pangani @ Tree of Life Gathering 2017 [ video excerpt]

Pangani – Festival tour 2017

I’m super stoked to announce my this years festival tour!

Best New Artist

I’m super stoke to announce, that I’m selected as Best New Artist 2016 by! Best new artist for 2016 (psybient, psychill, ambient, psydub, downtempo)


to give you the full

2.-3.4. | Biophonic Garden @ Let it Grow Festival, Amsterdam

My little corn plants are coming back to Amsterdam on the 2nd and 3rd of April. Biophonic Garden will be shown during the Let it Grow Festival in Amsterdam.  

Splits and cracks

#el-59998fd02e43f150323604819872 .video-aspect-ratio { padding-bottom: 56.25% } Splits And Cracks let you dive inside a crackling slice of wood. Heatwires are stiched inside a slice of wood. Applied electricity heats up the wire and causes moisture in the wood to reduce. The material tries to shrink, but cant because of its stiffness and causes the wood…

Biophonic Garden

Biophonic Garden uses an experimental laboratory setup to display the possibility of making a dialogue between young corn plants perceivable for human ears. Sprouted corn seeds are arranged on a grid which is situated in a container filled with water. The acoustic environment beneath the seeds is picked up by underwater microphones, which allows visitors…
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